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All three new Sigma Art lenses - 85 f1.4 500 f4 12-24 f4 - are in stock at Sigma distributor in Moscow, Russia.
Lens sizes comparison:
Canon 85/1.4 USM
Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG Art
Canon 135/12 L USM
Canon 200/1.8 L USM
Lens sizedTotal lengthFilter sizesFilter prices_56D1414-HDROld, New and the OldestOld and newHoodsHoods progressionNew AF VS Old AF4x multipliedLooking other wayBest fit is ChinaLens legalizedNon legalLR  85 ArtLR SHOWSLR  50ArtCANON 2016-12-08_22-59-56NIKON 2016-12-08_23-00-47

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